Tour Termal destination Coñaripe without doubt an unforgettable adventure, we will know the surrounding lakes of Panguipulli, Coñaripe and Villarrica to name some of the tour cities, besides glaciers and the famous Geometric Spa.





Panguipulli – Coñaripe.


We traveled to the Sietelagos destination, city of Panguipulli, a city tour of the San Sebastián Church built in 1947 by the Capuchin monks, the architect father Don Bernabé de Lucerna, along the coast and an imposing view of the volcano Mocho Choshuenco on the shores of Lake Panguipulli. Continuing the tour we will border the Pullinque and Calafquen lakes and the view of the volcanoes Quetrupillan, lanin, and Villarrica arriving at Coñaripe on the shores of Lake Calafquen to stay at Hostal Chumay.

Dinner and accommodation







Coñaripe – Villarrica National Park – Geometric Spa – Coñaripe


We start our day with local breakfast and then head to the Villarrica National Park Quetrupillan to make a gentle walk along the paths between the ancient forest and Valdivian jungle, on a tour to the Pichillancahue Glacier and the imposing view of the volcanoes of the Andes mountain range, Lanin, Quetrupillan, Villarrica, Mocho Choshuenco.

In the afternoon we begin our return to the second part and end of the day Geometric Spa, surrounded by a unique nature of southern Chile, ferns, nalcas, waterfalls that invite relaxation and rest in its hot springs.


 Coñaripe – panguipulli – airport.

Desayuno Hostal
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